How to be a responsible tourist?

Going for a trip, we always should remember about safety. It includes not only personal security, but safety of ecologic and interests of inhabitants of those countries where we go.

There is list of main advices how to be an ideal tourist for yourself and surrounding people.

Firstly, respect your choose. Remember, why you decided to go to country and what do you want to see. You can write a plane of your trip what will include schedule, excursions, places you want to visit, see, take pics, etc. Write all what are you waiting from your travel from the main sights of a country to souvenirs for your friends.

Secondly, try to understand native language of the country. There are many countries, where people are very patriotic and prefer to speak on mother tongue. So, even you just say “hello” on their language, inhabitants will be friendly to you. And it maybe helps you settle quickly.

Next, think about ecology, try to use only environmentally friendly means of personal hygiene, plan your run to minimize emissions of carbon dioxide – go by train, where possible, to minimize domestic flights and use other methods of public transport, where necessary.

The finally, don’t forget about souvenirs, but be pay attention buying these. Don’t buy perishable products, as well as rare breeds and species of reseach, ancient artifacts, canines, furs of rare animals. Remember, this is not only criminal responsibility, but also the safety of the planet. Save your dignity and your environment.

You can travel, where you want. And you can do what you want, but before doing something, think about your country. Being anywhere, we must learn – we are the face of our country. As we behave, others perceive us.

To get positive emotions and impressions not only own, but all who around you – golden rule for every tourist. Travel responsibly. Remember every moment of your trip and enjoy the fact that you are a real tourist whom is waiting for and love wherever you go. This feeling is wonderful and requires not too much efforts.

The burning sun of Rio de Janeiro

Each of us would like to go for the enthralling trip at least once in a lifetime and to deep into the world of the adventures and to see the farthest and bewitching corner of the planet.

For those people who would like not only to feel the sublime impulse but also to add to the traveling the notes of romance and sentimentality, you will be offered the best variant – the burning and passionate heart of Rio de Janeiro.

The fervid rays of the sun touch the glass calm of the Atlantic Ocean very gently; there is the flavor of the love and the ardent temperament of the young Hispanic and the snow-white sands of Copacabana strength far away the stately and festive city.

It is the marvelous place where you can feel the whole gamut of colorful emotions admiring not only with the scenery and the entrancing beauty of the Atlantic coast and the sandy beaches but deep into the world of the most large-scale carnival of the planet.

The rave of color of the amazing beauty of the costumes, the incendiary samba and the colossal dance numbers cannot leave you indifferent. The carnival in Rio de Janeiro it is not simply the event. It is the event which is being prepared for a long time selecting the costumes and preparing the dance numbers on the highest level.

From a small age the children who have the aptitudes to dance are prepared for the participation in carnival. They are taught the necessary wisdom.

This breathtaking event begins on Saturday before the Lent last for five days.

Finding yourself in this place you not only become the spectator of the amazing action but merge into one “organism”   – the passionate and laud carnival.

The slim girls in the extraordinary costumes which are full of the shining luster and luxury, one by one enter the rhythm of an amazing dance. They not only transfer the combinations of the movements but the feelings, emotions and internal strengths.

In order to feel the whole gamut of the sensations and go in deep into this festive and full of colorful lights world you should go there and see with your own eyes.

You will get not only impressions but save in your heart the wonderful memories about these exiting days.  

The magic of Podilski tovtry

There are a lot of different places of interest and enigmatic, amazing and breathtaking places in Ukraine which will never leave the tourist indifferent. However there is the special and picturesque place. There is no analogue of it – the National natural park, the name of which is Podilski tovtry.

When the sun rays touches the quite glassy surface of the lake and the rare species of relic plants densely populate the mountain ridges, the wide spaces of the hills stretch everywhere.

The National park is situated on the territory of Hmel’nickij region. There are numbered about 160 of the hills all over the park. Climbing to the top of the rocky mountains the tourists glance is ambraced by the natural beauty of the park which is rich by the deep canyons, the green hills, the caves and the water spaces.

If you plan to visit this place of interest you should work out your route thoroughly, because the coverage of the territory and the number of the leisure activities cannot help surprising.  

If you want to go deep into the atmosphere of the wild nature and breathe a jolt of the fresh air and simply walk along the forest paths, then the hiking, the horseback riding and the cycle routes will be suitable for you.  

To create the romantic mood and to get the breathtaking impressions will help the water journey on the catamarans and the motor ships around the wide Dniester reservoir.  The tourist who has been dreaming to conquer the air is offered the traveling on the balloon and the flying on the hand-glider.

It is worth noting that in this park you can not only get the pleasure from what you will see but also you can become healthier. After all, the banks of the green canyons are surrounded by the mineral waters with the high content of the bromine and iodine. That is why everyone can check its health-giving quality.

Speaking about the National park it will be important to leave the special place to the Bacotian valley and to the cliff monastery which towers in continuation of the vast celestial turquoise. Becoming the part of the majestic rock, the monastery does not stop to decorate by itself the picturesque natural landscape.

Well, if you want to see its beauty and to get all of the emotions and impressions you should go to the one of the most beautiful place – Podilski tovtry. We will invite you to become the part of the breathtaking adventures.

The picturesque nature of Montenegro

Traveling around the world you will find a lot of magnificent places. However, you will be simply amazed with the beauty and picturesque views of Montenegro. Your eye will charm the natural open spaces of this country. It is worth noting that Montenegro is famous not only by the azure sea, the beaches but it is famous by the untouched virgin beauty.   

Climbing high in the mountains you will admire with the width of its blue and deep bay surrounding and bathing the root of the mountains. Going for a walk along the forest paths you will not only breathe the fresh coniferous air but also to relax and to let go of your thoughts to the distance.

Do not forget that you can organize your wonderful boat trip around the wide bay. This variant of the rest will be suitable not only the people who would like to admire the nature of the Montenegro but for the romantics who would like to organize the charming evening for his soul mate.

I would like to stop on the places of interest you should see any way.

Boko Kotorska Bay. It is not only the wide water space. It is the cozy place and the warm bay, which is surrounded by the high Rocky Mountains. It is forms the special microclimate and inspirational atmosphere. Breathing the fresh air, you fill yourself with the joy and invisible happiness.

Durmitor. It is the picturesque park, which you should to see any way. There are the small caves, the glassy surface of the lakes, the winding paths, the green meadows and wooden bridges. There are the wide varieties of places the tourist can see. This place is populated not only with the rare plants species but the animal world is densely populated its territory.

The blue cave. It is the right place for the judges of the nature beauty. The warm bay enveloping the scaly walls and fill it with incredible colors. The warm rays of the sun touch the pearl aquamarine of the water with the great trembling. It shines with the bright radiance. You can not only take the boat ride here but you can also to swim.

If you visit Montenegro, you can see a lot of other places of interests but you will be surely amazed by what you will see.

Well, without hesitation I offer you to go for this wonderful trip and to take the unforgettable impressions.

What to take on a trip

Everyone knows that good preparation is the key to a successful trip. Let’s start with a suitcase. First you need, of course, to know where we are going and for what. Think together what you need things for the trip.

One of the most necessary is documents. Money and documents should be kept separately. On trips it is convenient to have a pocket-purse, which hangs around the neck and isn’t considered a separate place of hand luggage.

Passport . Save copies of all passports on a virtual disk, you can make photocopies.

Medical insurance (online policy can be in electronic form)

Air tickets. Print boarding passes with online registration

Driving license, international driving license. If you are traveling by car: documents for the car, green card insurance.

Booking of  hotels, confirmation of apartments and other types of accommodation. Your notes: route, phone numbers, addresses, contacts

Money on credit cards, cash in rubles and in foreign currency.

Divide into several parts and put in different places.

Medications are an indispensable component of the trip. We are never insured against the risk of getting sick, so bring a medical first-aid kit with some of this medical preparations: for chronic diseases, take those medications prescribed to you by the doctor, from headache, painkillers, from indigestion, from spasms, aspirin, bactericidal plaster, hygienic lipstick.

Personal hygiene items. Don’t take large packages, they weigh a lot and can leak in the luggage. If something of the cleaning supplies ends, you always buy it on the spot.

Before the trip, check and charge all the devices, clear the memory. Don’t forget to take chargers, extra batteries, batteries and adapters.

Bring your mobile phone and for the duration of the trip, establish a profitable tariff plan, camera / video-camera with memory card, laptop, tablet (if you need one). When traveling on a car, the navigator with the maps loaded. You can replace the tablet or smartphone.

Clothes – an important component, the collection of which requires a lot of time and effort. Take complementary things: a few t-shirts to one trousers and shorts. One headgear, one pair of street shoes, a jacket, a jacket, etc. Give preference to comfortable clothes, do not take high heels, evening outfits and jewelry. Leave a place in the suitcase for shopping. Don’t take a new, not yet worn pair, you can rub your feet. In the cold season it is very important that the shoes do not get wet, treat it with a special remedy.

Suitcase should never be hammered to the limit. First, you may have an advantage (most airlines have a single baggage allowance of up to 20 kg). Secondly, it will be inconvenient for you to search for your belongings or get them at the request of a customs officer. Thirdly, you will not have room for souvenirs and other purchases.

Secrets of independent travel: credit cards for a trip

For almost any trip, you need bank cards. We will open some secrets how to take money abroad, which bank cards are better to use, and how many cards a traveler usually needs.

Bank cards for traveling
Today people make many purchases through the Internet. And since the journey consists of services purchased through the worldwide web (tickets, hotels, travel insurance, ready tours), then a bank card is needed at the planning stage of your trip.
 When we are on the road, we need money. But what is better – to buy a lot of currency and shove it in your pockets or have the necessary minimum cash and a necessary minimum on the card? You should decide.
Before leaving home, you should estimate the amount of mandatory cash payments, which consists of payment of hotels, rentals, etc., which are booked but not paid yet, since the seller of the service does not always have the ability to accept payments by your bank cards. Add here the estimated costs in the cafe, etc. In the journey, if possible, pay by credit card. You may need more money than you planned and you will need some extra money. In this way you may keep some money for unforeseen expenses, which in an emergency situation might be useful in cash.
Before leaving for a new country, ask your bank if you need to take any action to exclude the possibility of card blocking there. This country can be in the unreliable list for the bank.

How many and what kind of bank cards do you need?

You need at least one banking card with the means of the bank that is a credit card. The second card is desirable to be of another system. For example, the first one is Master Card, and the second – Visa.
 But it is not reasonable (not economical) to have many cards for which you have to pay an annual commission. The most optimal way when you order one bank card, and the second one (maybe the third, and fourth) you are offered as a set for free. Only carefully read the terms in the contract – often you can use the card for free only the first year, and for the subsequent you need to pay.
 Pleasant surprises for active settlements with bank cards are the bonuses offered by the bank for your turnover. This can be cashback, loyalty programs, and the opportunity not to pay the bank a commission for servicing the card while observing the minimum transaction threshold.

Travelling with kids: hidden pitfalls

Although travelling with kids have a bunch of advantages such as coming closer as a family and getting all those fadeless memories of childhood, discovering new places, meeting with wildlife of the certain area (if we speaking about camping), getting a cultural refinement and etc. such a journey can be really challenging. Especially for those parents who don`t have scout background.

Nevertheless, it is possible to have your cake and eat it. You just have to keep in mind few basic moments.

Be flexible

Travelling with kids especially with small ones (babies, toddlers) sometimes runs out of your control and definitely can`t follow a strict schedule. So be adaptable and be ready that you`ll probably won`t see all the sightseeing that you have planned.

Think about:

the transport

If you`re planning a long car travel, you should make sure that there is a car seat for each kid in it, and also that you have a lot of things to entertain your children during the trip. It can be anything from their favourite songs, audiobooks and cartoons to their favourite toys. Travelling by plane with babies or toddlers can be just the worst experience in life because of their inability to sit still for too long. So try to avoid this kind of transport if you can.

the medicines

A lot of kids have a car sick and that’s why the first thing you should put in your first aid kit is pills from motion sickness (like Antivert, Dramamine, etc.). And as kids do a lot of action – bandages also can come in handy. And don`t forget about antiallergy pills.

the food

Almost all kids don`t like to eat something new or unusual, so be prepared to have such a problem and think ahead about the meal that your child would agree to eat and that would be easy and quick to cook.

long walks

If you planning long walks with small children you should think about two things: first is that they can’t walk too long so it would be wise to take hiking backpack or something else that will allow you to carry them on, and second is that they do naps, which means you need to be ready to organize the place for them to have rest. It can be a blanket, or cot depending on the situation.

So again, tourism with your kids is a great idea and unforgettable experience that will help you to slow down and enjoy the moment. Just plan it and have fun.

The oriental flavor of the old Istanbul

When we speak about the Turkey, we necessarily imagine its oriental and passionate heart. The little table of the cozy café is covered with the canvas with the Turkish ornament, the aroma of tasty strong coffee seems to be everywhere in the air and the ancient architecture of huge mosques cannot help astonishing.

Traveling around Turkey we would like to go to Istanbul first of all. It is not only the huge metropolis but it is the heart and the soul of the oriental beauty. Turkey is famous by its wonderful landscapes, picturesque sceneries, the warm beaches near the sea coast and the high mountains.

However it will be wrong, if we pay our attention only to this and do not go for a really interesting trip around this oriental country.

I would like to pay your attention to the historical reminders which you will make acquaintance with, if you work out your route in details. When the people hear the word “historical” they think that it is bored and not interesting, however I say the opposite. If you go deep into the history, traditions and culture of the Turkish people, you will open for yourself a lot of undiscovered riddles and go deep into the atmosphere of the past. You will never regret that you decided to see the little part of the gorgeous history.

There are a lot of the wonderful historical places in Istanbul, which are worth seeing. But if you come only for a few days you must see the most significant.

One of such places is the palace Top Kapy. It was sultan’s residence during the 400 years, who continuously won the new and new territory.  It is worth noting that there is not only the chamber of sultan but the library bur also the harem and the room where he could communicate with the people.

The other interesting and wonderful places of interest here is the mosque of  Aia Sofia. One day it was the Orthodox Church but when the territory was conquered by the Turks reconstructed it into the mosque.  If you look at this building and enter this you will see the architectural wealth and the great work which were done by the artificial masters.

Well, if you want to see these places of interests you should go into these adventures without no doubt. This trip leaves the positive emotions and impressions in your heart.

Rules Of Doing Business: How to treat employees

Certain rules must be observed in any business. This guarantees effective development and profit growth. Basic rules that will allow you to be successful in your business.
One of the most basic business rules is that you need to take money forward. Remember, no matter what happens: always take the money ahead. When you are in the store, after all, you do not sell food to anyone?
You can also quote one phrase that the famous oligarch said: “A business that builds on trust usually ends in blood.”
The business you are doing should be an interesting idea. And, it is worth noting that it is interesting not only for you personally, but also for the surrounding people.
In any case, follow what has already been promised – in this case, your reputation, and as a consequence, the fate of your business, may depend on it. Do your promises on time, even if it incurs financial losses. In such a situation, it is much better to lose money than your reputation.
Business, which was started in partnership, a certain amount of time ago, usually begins to lead to significant disagreements. The property section may begin, which is very unpleasant to note. It is best to start building your own business on your own. If this is not possible, then it is better to divide the business as early as possible.
All your agreements that are related to business partners must be secured with paper, that is, documented with seals. Any person can deceive you. If you do not follow this rule, then you can, sooner or later, lose your property.
Pride in the results. The worker-hourly has the right to be proud of the results of his work. Responsibility of the entrepreneur for absolute figures should be replaced by responsibility for their quality. Managers and engineers should be proud of the work that is being done, which means, in addition, the rejection of annual certification and targeted management.
Increase of professionalism. Develop effective programs for professional development and self-improvement.
The importance of the employee. Each employee must make the greatest possible personal contribution to the business development process.

TOP of walking routes

The Valley Holliford and the coal mine of Payk River in New Zealand, the massif Annapurna in Nepal, the Hawaiian volcano of Mauna Kea and the base camp of Everest in Tibet – amazing places which delight tourists from around the world!

So, where to go behind unforgettable impressions?

Torres del Payne, Chile

The route lying across the territory of this national park will bring you into full delight! Granite tops of mountains which by the light of the sun get a pinkish shade beautiful lakes, the dense woods, the prompt rivers and glaciers will definitely leave nobody indifferent! It is possible to meet representatives of the wild nature, for example, of condors, guanaco, foxes and nandu. Extent of a route is 100 km that to make it, about 9 days and 8 nights are required.

Cordilyera Blanca, Peru

This ridge is a part of national park Huascaran which is called in honor of the highest local mountain (6 768 m). Besides the height of Alpamayo what is considered as the most beautiful in the world here too there are about 260 glaciers which feed local lakes and form thermal sources. If an opportunity is presented, don’t disregard such routes as Santa Cruz and ascension on Alpamayo.

Overland, Australia

The route Overland lying across the territory of national park of Kreydl-Mountain is one of the most known pedestrian routes of Australia. Its extent is about 65 km – from Mount Kreydl to the Lake Sent-Kler. On the way various landscapes – steep mountains, the rough rivers, the moderate woods and the Alpine plains meet. Also impress the glaciers forming falls and lakes. Duration of this route is 5-6 days.

Tasks Sound, New Zealand

Tasks the Sound is one of the longest (extent – 84 km) and the isolated pedestrian routes of the country. He crosses two mountain chains, “connecting” Lakes Manapouri and Hauroko. During a way you’ll see a big variety of forest birds. This route is rather difficult – it is necessary to deal with suspension bridges, the falling trees, dirt and river crossings.

GR20 route, Corsica

This 180-kilometer route passing on diagonal through Corsica from the North to the South is considered one of the most difficult in Europe. During 15 days of traveling you will be able to admire high rocks, the dense woods, craters, glacial lakes and snow-covered mountain tops.

Roraima, Venezuela

Mount Roraima – the highest point of the massif of Parakaym. The route which duration is 6 days lies through the savanna, dense rainforests and the rivers. Fancy stone educations and unique vegetation form an unforgettable landscape of this region!

Kayetur waterfall, Guyana

Kayetur is considered one of the most beautiful and largest falls in the world (height – 226 m). Kayetur is located in the same named national park. Besides impressive beauty of falls, a highlight of the route lying across this territory is the wild nature of Amazon.

Camping. What do you need for the best rest?

There is a special type of people: they despise hotel comfort and are inspired by marching romanticism. These people choose nomadic style of rest and spending the night in a tent. If you never tried such type of rest, your children have already grown up (or they only in the project) — it is a high time to get unforgettable experience.

One more question which arises right after the idea about rest with a tent by the abroad: how to find a camping? The question absolutely fair and timely, because a deciding to go on such leave “at random” isn’t for each traveler. There are several options for search of a suitable camping:

Search on the Internet. This way is simplest as the majority of large foreign campings has own websites. You will be able not only to learn how to reach a camping, but also to look at photos of his infrastructure or even to make a reservation.

Search on the way. One more available way – search by means of applications, brochures or the navigator. You can download the ready brochure or install one from applications for smartphones with the ready catalog of foreign campings. Other option – to use one of the navigation programs defining the next to you campings and distance to them.

“Live” search. Many excellent campings, unfortunately (or fortunately), have no own websites, and it is possible to find them only independently having moved off in searches. Often, little-known campings settle down in especially lonely and picturesque places, aren’t populous at all and are the best decision for good rest with a tent.

If you have decided on a similar travel, but you don’t know where it is possible to have a rest with tents abroad, here the answer for you. It is possible to have a rest everywhere, there would be desire. Alone, with the friends or a favourite half is possible to travel on the Alpine mountains or Nepal, across Europe or Asia. However where your route has been laid, before rest find out:

— whether there are in the territory of that state where you go, poisonous plants, snakes, insects and dangerous animals;

— average air temperature, mainly at night days;

— what relation of local population to similar rest, that is to the strangers who have arrived to have a rest to their area with tents;

— what crime rate in the territory of the state chosen by you, inadvertently and without knowing a similar situation, it is possible to appear on vacation and without the main attribute – a tent and also some important things.

Good luck, dear camping lovers!