Rules Of Doing Business: How to treat employees

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Certain rules must be observed in any business. This guarantees effective development and profit growth. Basic rules that will allow you to be successful in your business.
One of the most basic business rules is that you need to take money forward. Remember, no matter what happens: always take the money ahead. When you are in the store, after all, you do not sell food to anyone?
You can also quote one phrase that the famous oligarch said: “A business that builds on trust usually ends in blood.”
The business you are doing should be an interesting idea. And, it is worth noting that it is interesting not only for you personally, but also for the surrounding people.
In any case, follow what has already been promised – in this case, your reputation, and as a consequence, the fate of your business, may depend on it. Do your promises on time, even if it incurs financial losses. In such a situation, it is much better to lose money than your reputation.
Business, which was started in partnership, a certain amount of time ago, usually begins to lead to significant disagreements. The property section may begin, which is very unpleasant to note. It is best to start building your own business on your own. If this is not possible, then it is better to divide the business as early as possible.
All your agreements that are related to business partners must be secured with paper, that is, documented with seals. Any person can deceive you. If you do not follow this rule, then you can, sooner or later, lose your property.
Pride in the results. The worker-hourly has the right to be proud of the results of his work. Responsibility of the entrepreneur for absolute figures should be replaced by responsibility for their quality. Managers and engineers should be proud of the work that is being done, which means, in addition, the rejection of annual certification and targeted management.
Increase of professionalism. Develop effective programs for professional development and self-improvement.
The importance of the employee. Each employee must make the greatest possible personal contribution to the business development process.