The oriental flavor of the old Istanbul

When we speak about the Turkey, we necessarily imagine its oriental and passionate heart. The little table of the cozy café is covered with the canvas with the Turkish ornament, the aroma of tasty strong coffee seems to be everywhere in the air and the ancient architecture of huge mosques cannot help astonishing.

Traveling around Turkey we would like to go to Istanbul first of all. It is not only the huge metropolis but it is the heart and the soul of the oriental beauty. Turkey is famous by its wonderful landscapes, picturesque sceneries, the warm beaches near the sea coast and the high mountains.

However it will be wrong, if we pay our attention only to this and do not go for a really interesting trip around this oriental country.

I would like to pay your attention to the historical reminders which you will make acquaintance with, if you work out your route in details. When the people hear the word “historical” they think that it is bored and not interesting, however I say the opposite. If you go deep into the history, traditions and culture of the Turkish people, you will open for yourself a lot of undiscovered riddles and go deep into the atmosphere of the past. You will never regret that you decided to see the little part of the gorgeous history.

There are a lot of the wonderful historical places in Istanbul, which are worth seeing. But if you come only for a few days you must see the most significant.

One of such places is the palace Top Kapy. It was sultan’s residence during the 400 years, who continuously won the new and new territory.  It is worth noting that there is not only the chamber of sultan but the library bur also the harem and the room where he could communicate with the people.

The other interesting and wonderful places of interest here is the mosque of  Aia Sofia. One day it was the Orthodox Church but when the territory was conquered by the Turks reconstructed it into the mosque.  If you look at this building and enter this you will see the architectural wealth and the great work which were done by the artificial masters.

Well, if you want to see these places of interests you should go into these adventures without no doubt. This trip leaves the positive emotions and impressions in your heart.