Camping. What do you need for the best rest?

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There is a special type of people: they despise hotel comfort and are inspired by marching romanticism. These people choose nomadic style of rest and spending the night in a tent. If you never tried such type of rest, your children have already grown up (or they only in the project) — it is a high time to get unforgettable experience.

One more question which arises right after the idea about rest with a tent by the abroad: how to find a camping? The question absolutely fair and timely, because a deciding to go on such leave “at random” isn’t for each traveler. There are several options for search of a suitable camping:

Search on the Internet. This way is simplest as the majority of large foreign campings has own websites. You will be able not only to learn how to reach a camping, but also to look at photos of his infrastructure or even to make a reservation.

Search on the way. One more available way – search by means of applications, brochures or the navigator. You can download the ready brochure or install one from applications for smartphones with the ready catalog of foreign campings. Other option – to use one of the navigation programs defining the next to you campings and distance to them.

“Live” search. Many excellent campings, unfortunately (or fortunately), have no own websites, and it is possible to find them only independently having moved off in searches. Often, little-known campings settle down in especially lonely and picturesque places, aren’t populous at all and are the best decision for good rest with a tent.

If you have decided on a similar travel, but you don’t know where it is possible to have a rest with tents abroad, here the answer for you. It is possible to have a rest everywhere, there would be desire. Alone, with the friends or a favourite half is possible to travel on the Alpine mountains or Nepal, across Europe or Asia. However where your route has been laid, before rest find out:

— whether there are in the territory of that state where you go, poisonous plants, snakes, insects and dangerous animals;

— average air temperature, mainly at night days;

— what relation of local population to similar rest, that is to the strangers who have arrived to have a rest to their area with tents;

— what crime rate in the territory of the state chosen by you, inadvertently and without knowing a similar situation, it is possible to appear on vacation and without the main attribute – a tent and also some important things.

Good luck, dear camping lovers!