The picturesque nature of Montenegro

Traveling around the world you will find a lot of magnificent places. However, you will be simply amazed with the beauty and picturesque views of Montenegro. Your eye will charm the natural open spaces of this country. It is worth noting that Montenegro is famous not only by the azure sea, the beaches but it is famous by the untouched virgin beauty.   

Climbing high in the mountains you will admire with the width of its blue and deep bay surrounding and bathing the root of the mountains. Going for a walk along the forest paths you will not only breathe the fresh coniferous air but also to relax and to let go of your thoughts to the distance.

Do not forget that you can organize your wonderful boat trip around the wide bay. This variant of the rest will be suitable not only the people who would like to admire the nature of the Montenegro but for the romantics who would like to organize the charming evening for his soul mate.

I would like to stop on the places of interest you should see any way.

Boko Kotorska Bay. It is not only the wide water space. It is the cozy place and the warm bay, which is surrounded by the high Rocky Mountains. It is forms the special microclimate and inspirational atmosphere. Breathing the fresh air, you fill yourself with the joy and invisible happiness.

Durmitor. It is the picturesque park, which you should to see any way. There are the small caves, the glassy surface of the lakes, the winding paths, the green meadows and wooden bridges. There are the wide varieties of places the tourist can see. This place is populated not only with the rare plants species but the animal world is densely populated its territory.

The blue cave. It is the right place for the judges of the nature beauty. The warm bay enveloping the scaly walls and fill it with incredible colors. The warm rays of the sun touch the pearl aquamarine of the water with the great trembling. It shines with the bright radiance. You can not only take the boat ride here but you can also to swim.

If you visit Montenegro, you can see a lot of other places of interests but you will be surely amazed by what you will see.

Well, without hesitation I offer you to go for this wonderful trip and to take the unforgettable impressions.