How to be a responsible tourist?

Going for a trip, we always should remember about safety. It includes not only personal security, but safety of ecologic and interests of inhabitants of those countries where we go.

There is list of main advices how to be an ideal tourist for yourself and surrounding people.

Firstly, respect your choose. Remember, why you decided to go to country and what do you want to see. You can write a plane of your trip what will include schedule, excursions, places you want to visit, see, take pics, etc. Write all what are you waiting from your travel from the main sights of a country to souvenirs for your friends.

Secondly, try to understand native language of the country. There are many countries, where people are very patriotic and prefer to speak on mother tongue. So, even you just say “hello” on their language, inhabitants will be friendly to you. And it maybe helps you settle quickly.

Next, think about ecology, try to use only environmentally friendly means of personal hygiene, plan your run to minimize emissions of carbon dioxide – go by train, where possible, to minimize domestic flights and use other methods of public transport, where necessary.

The finally, don’t forget about souvenirs, but be pay attention buying these. Don’t buy perishable products, as well as rare breeds and species of reseach, ancient artifacts, canines, furs of rare animals. Remember, this is not only criminal responsibility, but also the safety of the planet. Save your dignity and your environment.

You can travel, where you want. And you can do what you want, but before doing something, think about your country. Being anywhere, we must learn – we are the face of our country. As we behave, others perceive us.

To get positive emotions and impressions not only own, but all who around you – golden rule for every tourist. Travel responsibly. Remember every moment of your trip and enjoy the fact that you are a real tourist whom is waiting for and love wherever you go. This feeling is wonderful and requires not too much efforts.