Travelling with kids: hidden pitfalls

Although travelling with kids have a bunch of advantages such as coming closer as a family and getting all those fadeless memories of childhood, discovering new places, meeting with wildlife of the certain area (if we speaking about camping), getting a cultural refinement and etc. such a journey can be really challenging. Especially for those parents who don`t have scout background.

Nevertheless, it is possible to have your cake and eat it. You just have to keep in mind few basic moments.

Be flexible

Travelling with kids especially with small ones (babies, toddlers) sometimes runs out of your control and definitely can`t follow a strict schedule. So be adaptable and be ready that you`ll probably won`t see all the sightseeing that you have planned.

Think about:

the transport

If you`re planning a long car travel, you should make sure that there is a car seat for each kid in it, and also that you have a lot of things to entertain your children during the trip. It can be anything from their favourite songs, audiobooks and cartoons to their favourite toys. Travelling by plane with babies or toddlers can be just the worst experience in life because of their inability to sit still for too long. So try to avoid this kind of transport if you can.

the medicines

A lot of kids have a car sick and that’s why the first thing you should put in your first aid kit is pills from motion sickness (like Antivert, Dramamine, etc.). And as kids do a lot of action – bandages also can come in handy. And don`t forget about antiallergy pills.

the food

Almost all kids don`t like to eat something new or unusual, so be prepared to have such a problem and think ahead about the meal that your child would agree to eat and that would be easy and quick to cook.

long walks

If you planning long walks with small children you should think about two things: first is that they can’t walk too long so it would be wise to take hiking backpack or something else that will allow you to carry them on, and second is that they do naps, which means you need to be ready to organize the place for them to have rest. It can be a blanket, or cot depending on the situation.

So again, tourism with your kids is a great idea and unforgettable experience that will help you to slow down and enjoy the moment. Just plan it and have fun.