What to take on a trip

Everyone knows that good preparation is the key to a successful trip. Let’s start with a suitcase. First you need, of course, to know where we are going and for what. Think together what you need things for the trip.

One of the most necessary is documents. Money and documents should be kept separately. On trips it is convenient to have a pocket-purse, which hangs around the neck and isn’t considered a separate place of hand luggage.

Passport . Save copies of all passports on a virtual disk, you can make photocopies.

Medical insurance (online policy can be in electronic form)

Air tickets. Print boarding passes with online registration

Driving license, international driving license. If you are traveling by car: documents for the car, green card insurance.

Booking of  hotels, confirmation of apartments and other types of accommodation. Your notes: route, phone numbers, addresses, contacts

Money on credit cards, cash in rubles and in foreign currency.

Divide into several parts and put in different places.

Medications are an indispensable component of the trip. We are never insured against the risk of getting sick, so bring a medical first-aid kit with some of this medical preparations: for chronic diseases, take those medications prescribed to you by the doctor, from headache, painkillers, from indigestion, from spasms, aspirin, bactericidal plaster, hygienic lipstick.

Personal hygiene items. Don’t take large packages, they weigh a lot and can leak in the luggage. If something of the cleaning supplies ends, you always buy it on the spot.

Before the trip, check and charge all the devices, clear the memory. Don’t forget to take chargers, extra batteries, batteries and adapters.

Bring your mobile phone and for the duration of the trip, establish a profitable tariff plan, camera / video-camera with memory card, laptop, tablet (if you need one). When traveling on a car, the navigator with the maps loaded. You can replace the tablet or smartphone.

Clothes – an important component, the collection of which requires a lot of time and effort. Take complementary things: a few t-shirts to one trousers and shorts. One headgear, one pair of street shoes, a jacket, a jacket, etc. Give preference to comfortable clothes, do not take high heels, evening outfits and jewelry. Leave a place in the suitcase for shopping. Don’t take a new, not yet worn pair, you can rub your feet. In the cold season it is very important that the shoes do not get wet, treat it with a special remedy.

Suitcase should never be hammered to the limit. First, you may have an advantage (most airlines have a single baggage allowance of up to 20 kg). Secondly, it will be inconvenient for you to search for your belongings or get them at the request of a customs officer. Thirdly, you will not have room for souvenirs and other purchases.