Secrets of independent travel: credit cards for a trip

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For almost any trip, you need bank cards. We will open some secrets how to take money abroad, which bank cards are better to use, and how many cards a traveler usually needs.

Bank cards for traveling
Today people make many purchases through the Internet. And since the journey consists of services purchased through the worldwide web (tickets, hotels, travel insurance, ready tours), then a bank card is needed at the planning stage of your trip.
 When we are on the road, we need money. But what is better – to buy a lot of currency and shove it in your pockets or have the necessary minimum cash and a necessary minimum on the card? You should decide.
Before leaving home, you should estimate the amount of mandatory cash payments, which consists of payment of hotels, rentals, etc., which are booked but not paid yet, since the seller of the service does not always have the ability to accept payments by your bank cards. Add here the estimated costs in the cafe, etc. In the journey, if possible, pay by credit card. You may need more money than you planned and you will need some extra money. In this way you may keep some money for unforeseen expenses, which in an emergency situation might be useful in cash.
Before leaving for a new country, ask your bank if you need to take any action to exclude the possibility of card blocking there. This country can be in the unreliable list for the bank.

How many and what kind of bank cards do you need?

You need at least one banking card with the means of the bank that is a credit card. The second card is desirable to be of another system. For example, the first one is Master Card, and the second – Visa.
 But it is not reasonable (not economical) to have many cards for which you have to pay an annual commission. The most optimal way when you order one bank card, and the second one (maybe the third, and fourth) you are offered as a set for free. Only carefully read the terms in the contract – often you can use the card for free only the first year, and for the subsequent you need to pay.
 Pleasant surprises for active settlements with bank cards are the bonuses offered by the bank for your turnover. This can be cashback, loyalty programs, and the opportunity not to pay the bank a commission for servicing the card while observing the minimum transaction threshold.