The burning sun of Rio de Janeiro

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Each of us would like to go for the enthralling trip at least once in a lifetime and to deep into the world of the adventures and to see the farthest and bewitching corner of the planet.

For those people who would like not only to feel the sublime impulse but also to add to the traveling the notes of romance and sentimentality, you will be offered the best variant – the burning and passionate heart of Rio de Janeiro.

The fervid rays of the sun touch the glass calm of the Atlantic Ocean very gently; there is the flavor of the love and the ardent temperament of the young Hispanic and the snow-white sands of Copacabana strength far away the stately and festive city.

It is the marvelous place where you can feel the whole gamut of colorful emotions admiring not only with the scenery and the entrancing beauty of the Atlantic coast and the sandy beaches but deep into the world of the most large-scale carnival of the planet.

The rave of color of the amazing beauty of the costumes, the incendiary samba and the colossal dance numbers cannot leave you indifferent. The carnival in Rio de Janeiro it is not simply the event. It is the event which is being prepared for a long time selecting the costumes and preparing the dance numbers on the highest level.

From a small age the children who have the aptitudes to dance are prepared for the participation in carnival. They are taught the necessary wisdom.

This breathtaking event begins on Saturday before the Lent last for five days.

Finding yourself in this place you not only become the spectator of the amazing action but merge into one “organism”   – the passionate and laud carnival.

The slim girls in the extraordinary costumes which are full of the shining luster and luxury, one by one enter the rhythm of an amazing dance. They not only transfer the combinations of the movements but the feelings, emotions and internal strengths.

In order to feel the whole gamut of the sensations and go in deep into this festive and full of colorful lights world you should go there and see with your own eyes.

You will get not only impressions but save in your heart the wonderful memories about these exiting days.