The magic of Podilski tovtry

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There are a lot of different places of interest and enigmatic, amazing and breathtaking places in Ukraine which will never leave the tourist indifferent. However there is the special and picturesque place. There is no analogue of it – the National natural park, the name of which is Podilski tovtry.

When the sun rays touches the quite glassy surface of the lake and the rare species of relic plants densely populate the mountain ridges, the wide spaces of the hills stretch everywhere.

The National park is situated on the territory of Hmel’nickij region. There are numbered about 160 of the hills all over the park. Climbing to the top of the rocky mountains the tourists glance is ambraced by the natural beauty of the park which is rich by the deep canyons, the green hills, the caves and the water spaces.

If you plan to visit this place of interest you should work out your route thoroughly, because the coverage of the territory and the number of the leisure activities cannot help surprising.  

If you want to go deep into the atmosphere of the wild nature and breathe a jolt of the fresh air and simply walk along the forest paths, then the hiking, the horseback riding and the cycle routes will be suitable for you.  

To create the romantic mood and to get the breathtaking impressions will help the water journey on the catamarans and the motor ships around the wide Dniester reservoir.  The tourist who has been dreaming to conquer the air is offered the traveling on the balloon and the flying on the hand-glider.

It is worth noting that in this park you can not only get the pleasure from what you will see but also you can become healthier. After all, the banks of the green canyons are surrounded by the mineral waters with the high content of the bromine and iodine. That is why everyone can check its health-giving quality.

Speaking about the National park it will be important to leave the special place to the Bacotian valley and to the cliff monastery which towers in continuation of the vast celestial turquoise. Becoming the part of the majestic rock, the monastery does not stop to decorate by itself the picturesque natural landscape.

Well, if you want to see its beauty and to get all of the emotions and impressions you should go to the one of the most beautiful place – Podilski tovtry. We will invite you to become the part of the breathtaking adventures.