TOP of walking routes

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The Valley Holliford and the coal mine of Payk River in New Zealand, the massif Annapurna in Nepal, the Hawaiian volcano of Mauna Kea and the base camp of Everest in Tibet – amazing places which delight tourists from around the world!

So, where to go behind unforgettable impressions?

Torres del Payne, Chile

The route lying across the territory of this national park will bring you into full delight! Granite tops of mountains which by the light of the sun get a pinkish shade beautiful lakes, the dense woods, the prompt rivers and glaciers will definitely leave nobody indifferent! It is possible to meet representatives of the wild nature, for example, of condors, guanaco, foxes and nandu. Extent of a route is 100 km that to make it, about 9 days and 8 nights are required.

Cordilyera Blanca, Peru

This ridge is a part of national park Huascaran which is called in honor of the highest local mountain (6 768 m). Besides the height of Alpamayo what is considered as the most beautiful in the world here too there are about 260 glaciers which feed local lakes and form thermal sources. If an opportunity is presented, don’t disregard such routes as Santa Cruz and ascension on Alpamayo.

Overland, Australia

The route Overland lying across the territory of national park of Kreydl-Mountain is one of the most known pedestrian routes of Australia. Its extent is about 65 km – from Mount Kreydl to the Lake Sent-Kler. On the way various landscapes – steep mountains, the rough rivers, the moderate woods and the Alpine plains meet. Also impress the glaciers forming falls and lakes. Duration of this route is 5-6 days.

Tasks Sound, New Zealand

Tasks the Sound is one of the longest (extent – 84 km) and the isolated pedestrian routes of the country. He crosses two mountain chains, “connecting” Lakes Manapouri and Hauroko. During a way you’ll see a big variety of forest birds. This route is rather difficult – it is necessary to deal with suspension bridges, the falling trees, dirt and river crossings.

GR20 route, Corsica

This 180-kilometer route passing on diagonal through Corsica from the North to the South is considered one of the most difficult in Europe. During 15 days of traveling you will be able to admire high rocks, the dense woods, craters, glacial lakes and snow-covered mountain tops.

Roraima, Venezuela

Mount Roraima – the highest point of the massif of Parakaym. The route which duration is 6 days lies through the savanna, dense rainforests and the rivers. Fancy stone educations and unique vegetation form an unforgettable landscape of this region!

Kayetur waterfall, Guyana

Kayetur is considered one of the most beautiful and largest falls in the world (height – 226 m). Kayetur is located in the same named national park. Besides impressive beauty of falls, a highlight of the route lying across this territory is the wild nature of Amazon.